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Welcome to the TOTAL Wallpapers. Here you will find what you search: WALLPAPERS. We are pround to be providing high quality wallpapers, TOTALLY free, without any registration or limits. With a very big variety of pictures for your desktop computer on your disposition, being only to
navigate for the several available categories. Bring life to your desktop. So, enjoy yourself!
09/12/2008Inaugurated the new version of the site TOTAL Wallpapers (Version 3.0). Completely new Layout, greater interactivity, more content, other resolutions, and the most important: more, more WALLPAPERS every week. Get the most that the site TOTAL Wallpapers can offer. Total Free Special: HALLOWEEN
Category: Nature/Scenary
Category: Fantasy
Category: Comics
Category: Cartoons
Category: Movies
Category: Places
Category: Vehicles
Category: Animals
Category: Games

Free Specials Halloween (see more here)


1. (cat.: Nature/Scenary) Bora Bora Island - Tahiti, French Polynesia

2. (cat.: Sports) Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers

3.(cat.: Games) The Lord of the Rings - War of the Ring

4. (cat.: Cartoons) Backyardigans

5. (cat.: Movies) Transformers - Bumblebee

6. (cat.: Comics) Spawn Face

7. (cat.: Fantasy) Mystic Castles

8. (cat.: Places) Burj Al Arab - Dubai, United Arabic Emirates

9. (cat.: Comics) Transformers And GI Joe

10. (cat.: Cartoons) Looney Tunes - The Untouchables

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TOTAL Free Music Wallpaper : Michael Jackson - King Of Pop
Category: Music
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